July 29, 2011

Super dunker Kenny Dobbs

The Inspiring Bounce-Back Story of Super Dunker, Kenny Dobbs

By Bryan AbramsKenny Dobbs can fly. When he jumps with a basketball either in his hand or in his sights (many of his dunks have him chasing a ball in midair), he appears to be floating. He has mastered this ability after years of intense training, dissecting the physics and physiology of dunking with the focus of an artist—or a madman. After years of physical, mental and spiritual training, Dobbs is arguably the greatest dunker in the world, perhaps one of the greatest ever. His vertical leap is 48 inches, as good or better than NBA dunk champions Michael Jordan, Spud Webb and Vince Carter in their primes. He has traveled the world showcasing his talents, from south Florida to South America, from Rome to Romania as a celebrity dunker for both the NBA and Sprite. He displayed his dunking abilities at this year’s NBA All-Star Weekend, and was asked to be a featured talent in the biggest-selling basketball video game on the planet, NBA 2K12. This past May, he beat two of the best dunkers in the world by wowing judges at the Ball Up’s Air Up There Slam Dunk Contest in Los Angeles. One of those judges was 1992 NBA dunk champion Cedric Ceballos. Another was a doctor by the name of Julius Erving.

Kenny Dobbs can also change lives. He has traveled across the country to speak to and on behalf of kids on reservations as an employee of the Division of Behavioral Health Services for the state of Arizona. For three years he served as the chairman on the Arizona State Youth Advisory Council for Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention. He is currently serving as an ambassador’s for Nike’s N7 division and the Native American Basketball Invitational (NABI) Foundation. With NABI, Dobbs created the UpRise Youth Motivational Presentations to educate kids on Native lands. He knows that if you want to grab a kid’s attention, flying is a good way to do it.

Kenny Dobbs, member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Phoenix resident, proud son, brother, father and husband, is 27 years old. And he is lucky to be alive.
Comment:  For more on Native basketball stars, see Nike Signs Tahnee Robinson and "Superstar" Native Basketball Player.

Below:  "Dobbs was headed down a very bad road until he lifted himself up by dunking a basketball. Now he’s trying to raise up Native youths around the world."

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