July 15, 2011

Rap video on hipster headdresses

Comment:  This video is basically a compendium of non-Indian hipsters in headdresses. It includes pix of Kesha, Paris Hilton, and the Dudesons.

If this were mine, I'd probably change the song's name: "Whatevas, It's Just Some Feathers." Some people may think it's serious rather than sarcastic, as I took it to be. They may stop there before watching the video.

The song itself seems to be pro-Native and anti-headdress, but it's hard to follow. I'm an old fogey, so I don't want to think, concentrate, or decipher messages while I'm listening to music. I'd make the song more of a spoken-word recital.

For more on the subject, see Hipster Racism, Cultural Appropriation on Al Jazeera, and Hipster Headdress PSA on YouTube.


none said...

After I digest my breakfast, I'm going to have to better educate myself on hipsters. I'm still a little confused as to why they wear headdresses.

The video was good. To me, it got the point across but I'm probably not the target audience. The only complaint I have, is they should've ended it when the first song ended.

Just found this: http://www.hipsterhandbook.com/ Looks like juicy reading. *cough*

Anonymous said...

Its too important of an issue to be musically scrambled the way this video is done. The message is clear, but the message seems to be dissected into three different songs?

There is so much hip hop can offer with the right artists doing it, but so far, I have yet to hear anyone put native issues to hip hop effectively. Robbie Robertson has done it with R&B and rock as well as Rage Against the Machines "Freedom" video.

This is no way near that caliber.