July 22, 2011

How football shaped Litefoot

Rapper Litefoot talks about how his experience as a football player at the University of Tulsa shaped his life.

Litefoot:  Football helped lead rapper to music

By Jimmie TramelLitefoot had what could be categorized as a typical walk-on experience: All work, no play. He said he never got in a game. But he also said it was "definitely worth it" because he got exactly what he wanted out of the experience.

Elaboration? Litefoot said you learn resilience when you are an athlete, especially at the college level. And he's glad he chose the difficult road--trying to make it with a Division I-A team--instead of an easier one.

"A prevailing theme throughout my life is to truly follow your heart and not do what everybody else says was the obvious choice," he said. "That served me well through all these years."

Litefoot intended to bulk up and move to tight end after his rookie season, but weightlifting-gone-bad resulted in a vertebra stress fracture.
Comment:  For more on Litefoot, see Litefoot's Message of Faith and Litefoot's Four 2010 Releases.

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Shadow Wolf said...

Being a weightlifter myself on and off over the years, Litefoot is actually bigger in person. I had a photo-op with him at the Gathering of Nations in 2009. I always assumed he was a footplayer in his previous life.(or could be that he worked out often.)

As it turns out, my assumptions were accurate, 2 years later of course.

I stil think "Seeing Red" is bis best album.