July 23, 2011

Adam Beach at Cowboys and Aliens premiere

Adam Beach PhotostreamActor Adam Beach attends the premiere of Universal Pictures' "Cowboys & Aliens" during Comic-Con 2011 at San Diego Civic Theatre on July 23, 2011, in San Diego, California.Plus a video of the Cowboys and Aliens premiere at Comic-Con. Adam Beach appears at the 51:55 mark for four minutes and gives a spare ticket to a fan:

"Cowboys & Aliens" Premiere

Comment:  For more on Adam Beach, see Adam Beach in Combat Hospital and Adam Beach in Arctic Air.


Anonymous said...

Each time I drive by one of the billboards for this movie, I want to yell at it: "The COWBOYS were the aliens. They're not the heroes, they're the evil invading force."

dmarks said...

From Wikipedia:

"Likewise, cowboys in movies were often shown fighting with American Indians. However, the reality was that, while cowboys were armed against both predators and human thieves, and often used their guns to run off people of any race who attempted to steal, or rustle cattle, nearly all actual armed conflicts occurred between Indian people and cavalry units of the U.S. Army."

Know your enemy.