July 11, 2011

Gag:  Snoqualmie legalizes marijuana

Resolution about legalizing pot was a gag, tribe says

Snoqualmie Tribal Chairwoman says the tribal council was just kidding when it passed a resolution declaring marijuana legal on the reservation on July 30, when Willie Nelson performs at its casino.

By Lynda V. Mapes
Just kidding, says Snoqualmie Tribal Chairwoman Shelley Burch.

The resolution passed and signed by the Snoqualmie Tribal Council declaring marijuana legal on the reservation July 30 was a gag.

The resolution was intended as a souvenir to frame and present to country singer Willie Nelson when he performs at the tribe's Snoqualmie Casino that day, and Burch said she doesn't know how it became public.

"It was just tongue in cheek at a council meeting; we know marijuana is illegal," Burch said. "It was a joke. We don't allow it and we don't back it. We passed it, but it was supposed to be just for him.

"We were cracking up, saying, what if we did a resolution because he is coming to the casino; that is how it came about."
Comment:  I believe a hereditary Snoqualmie chief had to issue an apology for this incident. Which is silly because this explanation is good enough. There's nothing particularly wrong with issuing a joke resolution...or with legalizing marijuana.

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