July 17, 2011

Indigenous Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

By Iris Yudai[I]t's a smart spin on the fairy tale, in which a proactive Little Red Riding Hood and her forest friends go to war with The Wolf over a clash of values--Little Red is all about empowering the animals, and encouraging cooperation, while The Wolf prefers to prowl solo.

But all that's not why you should go see it. See this show for the chance to see some promising young Aboriginal performers at the start of their acting careers. The leads in particular are ones to watch. Dee Thomas is admirable as the independent and crafty yet vulnerable Little Red who declares, "I'm not afraid of anything." Josh Ranville is deliciously evil as the belligerent Wolf who grumbles, "Because of friendship it's impossible to live in this forest." Braiden Houle is terrific as the trembling yet loyal Rabbit who insists "We hide bravely!" Look out Adam Beach and Tina Keeper--these kids have drive and talent to spare.


Company Name:  The Urban Indigenous Theatre Company

Origin:  Winnipeg, MB

Venue:  Kids Venue School of Contemporary Dancers
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"Little Red Riding Hood" at the Fringe named one of the best of the fest