August 22, 2011

Cherokee Nation partners with Walmart

Cherokee Nation Businesses Partners with WalmartCherokee Nation Businesses (CNB) has partnered with Walmart to create more employment opportunities for its tribal citizens and the residents of Mayes County, Oklahoma, according to the tribe’s news release.

CNB employees will inspect televisions that have been returned to Walmart stores from around the region to determine if they are in working condition and if they are missing any parts. Returned items that can be re-sold are then repackaged and sold to online auction or liquidation companies. Once a consumer wins a bid, CNB will ship the merchandise directly to the buyer.
Comment:  I gather the Wal-Mart corporation has changed the stores' name from Wal-Mart to Walmart.

For more on Cherokee businesses, see Cherokee Kids Clothing Line and Cherokee Soap Factory.

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Anonymous said...

The logo was Wal*Mart for a while.