August 05, 2011

Native Voice 1 celebrates 5th anniversary

Native Voice one celebrates fifth year

By Stan BindellNative American radio broadcasters recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of Native Voice 1 (NV1).

NV1 is a Native American programming distribution service that supplies national radio programs to radio stations throughout the nation. NV1 comes to Hopi, Navajo and other reservations through KUYI in Polacca and KGHR in Tuba City. NV1's most well-known shows include Native America Calling, Native American News and Undercurrents.

Burt Poley, who serves as network manager for NV1, said he loves his job because it allows him to work with native and non-native radio stations. Poley came on board more than five years ago when NV1 took over the reins from American Indian Radio On Satellite (AIROS).

Poley, who previously worked as operations manager at KUYI on Hopi, said NV1 has improved the billing since taking over from AIROS. He said this helps bring more money into NV1 in order to keep the programs going.
Comment:  For more on Native radio, see Pala's Rez Radio and Navajo DJ on Station of the Year.

Below:  "Burt Poley getting interviewed by Hopi High School’s Otivia 'Big O' Puhuhefvaya on KUYI." (Stan Bindell)

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