August 30, 2011

The I Believe Guy

Brian Jackson, the ‘I Believe Guy,’ Strikes a Blow for Positivity

By Brian DaffronAs the “I Believe Guy,” Jackson still offers an inspirational Christian message, but clowning has been replaced by achievement. He breaks world records.

At five-foot-five inches tall and 200 pounds, Jackson says he doesn’t have a lot of physical gifts. But one thing he does have from his days as Hallelujah the Clown is lung power. “Even though it looks like I’m having a lot of fun making balloon animals—and I am—it also is helping me train,” Jackson says. “The more balloons I blow up to make animals out of, the more I’m training my lungs.”

That training has placed him in the Guinness Book of World Records five times and in the Record Holders Republic (“The Registry of Official World Records”) three times.

Guinness Book confirms that Jackson currently holds two world records. The first is for the fastest time to burst three hot water bottles: His mark is 1 minute 8 seconds, set in an appearance on Lo Show Dei Record in Milan, Italy on April 19, 2008. The second record is for the most balloons blown up in an hour by an individual. On this occasion, Jackson blew up 370 balloons during the Bluejacket Public School Spring Carnival in Bluejacket, Oklahoma, on April 12, 2011. Jackson said there is a third record pending confirmation for lifting a car with his lung power, which occurred in July of this year.

Jackson’s feats have earned him multiple television appearances, including an early episode of this season’s America’s Got Talent and international editions of the Guinness Book of World Records show in Spain and Italy. In September, Jackson is scheduled to appear live in the UK on the Simon Cowell-created game show Red or Black?, and he will also be on an episode of the History Channel’s Stan Lee’s Superhumans in January 2012.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Cherokee World-Record Holder.

Below:  "How do you set a world record with a hot water bottle? Just put your lips together and blow. Brian Jackson demonstrates his talent at the Elevate Youth Summit, in Muskogee, OK."

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Anonymous said...

Well, we know the History Channel's no longer about history now that they have freak shows. (No offense to him. I more mean freak show in the sense of demonstrating the extremes of human anatomy and physiology.)