August 19, 2011

Latin American Native films

The same site that lists Latin American Native children's films also lists films about Central and South American Indians.

Movies Featuring the Native Peoples of Central & South America

As before, it looks like a great resource on the subject.

The site has a list of Top 10 films that includes Apocalypto, The Mission, and The Emerald Forest. In a poll on Facebook, fans overwhelming said they liked Apocalypto the best of these three movies. Probably because it's about 20 years newer than the others.

Long-time readers know what I think of the racist and stereotypical Apocalypto. I still have no plans to see it. I voted for Emerald Forest as the best.

For more on the subject, see The Best Indian Movies.

Below:  The super-scary, phony-baloney Maya culture in Apocalypto.

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Anonymous said...

Audiences love gore. Bonus points if the sacrifice is to Quetzalcoatl. While normally it is fun to tell a vegetarian she just ate chicken, it's a bit different to sacrifice people to the one Aztec god who didn't demand human sacrifices.