August 10, 2011

Kiowa Gordon arrested in DUI case

'Twilight' star Kiowa Gordon arrested in Tempe, accused of skipping court

By Laurie Merrill and Ofelia MadridA $1,000 bond has been set for an actor who plays a werewolf in the hit "Twilight" movies after he was picked up by Tempe police Monday on an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in Mesa court on a misdemeanor DUI-drug charge, police said.

Kiowa Gordon, 21, remained in the Maricopa County Jail today pending action by Scottsdale Municipal Court for his alleged failure to appear in an unrelated case involving a January 2010 arrest in Scottsdale. Scottsdale court officials said they have not yet scheduled further court action.

Tempe police said officers took Gordon into custody after a routine license plate check turned up the outstanding warrants from both Mesa and Scottsdale city courts.
And:In January 2010, Gordon was a passenger in his own vehicle, a Nissan Pathfinder, that a Scottsdale police officer pulled over for reckless driving in north Scottsdale, police said. The officer found a bud of marijuana in a pill bottle in the vehicle along with glass pipes commonly used for smoking marijuana.

Also in the truck was a bottle of Four-loko, an alcoholic energy drink, according to a Scottsdale police report. The driver admitted that the marijuana bud was his, police said. Gordon was booked, cited and released on possession of drug paraphernalia and a minor in possession of alcohol.

Gordon pleaded guilty in February 2010 to possession of drug paraphernalia and was ordered to a treatment program, according to court records. He was scheduled to return to Scottsdale City Court date Jan. 4, 2011, but failed to appear and a warrant was issued for his arrest, court officials said.

'Twilight' star Kiowa Gordon held in DUI case released from jail

By Laurie Merrill and Ofelia MadridAn actor who plays a werewolf in the hit "Twilight" movies was released Wednesday morning on $1,000 bail after he was picked up by Tempe police Monday on an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in a Mesa court on a misdemeanor DUI-drug charge.

Kiowa Gordon, 21, was released from a Maricopa County jail about 9:45 a.m., according to the county's Jail Information Center.
Apparently Gordon is a bit of a "wild child." This item also was in the news recently:

Did Twilight Star Kiowa Gordon Ditch Girlfriend for a Pop Star?Rumors are rife that Kiowa Gordon, who plays a hunky werewolf alongside Taylor Lautner in the Twilight Saga, has dumped his longterm girlfriend for an aspiring pop star.

According to Star magazine, Kiowa, 21, has fallen head over heels for singer Gia Bella, and attended her single release party in NYC on June 30.
Comment:  Is fame going to Gordon's head? Or are these just the normal vagaries of youth? Let's hope it's the latter.

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Anonymous said...

DUI, weed, Four-Loko...seems like a typical celebrity.

billy said...

I guess he's the antithesis of Taylor Lautner but better looking. Hope he gets it together.

Shadow Wolf said...

I first saw this on the local news, since I live in Maricopa County.

But then again, what does this have anything do with Indian Country and Native Americans in general? Because his first name is synonymous with an Indian Tribe and he plays "werewolf"? I fail to see the relevancy. The kid isn't Native to begin with.

Shadow Wolf said...


They actually banned the beverage here in Arizona last year, as with many other states. Same with the BLAST colt.45 made by Pbast. Which is the same as Four-Loko. But since he's a celeb. It's not uncommon for them to possess illegal substances.

dmarks said...

I always understood he was Native. From Wikipedia: "Gordon is of European and Hualapai Native American descent, and is a member of the Hualapai tribe of Northern Arizona"

Shadow, are you confusing him with Taylor Lautner, a Twilight actor who is actually not Native?

Anonymous said...

The FDA banned the use of caffeine with alcohol over a certain amount (enough to allow for Irish coffee) because they have an antagonistic reaction; the caffeine blocks the effects of the alcohol, so you don't know you're drunk until you drink lethal amounts of alcohol. They removed the caffeine, so Four-Loko's legal again.

Rob said...

There's no question that Kiowa Gordon is Native. Shadow Wolf is mistaken.