August 24, 2011

A Warrior's Heart to be released

"Twilight" Stars Kellan Lutz And Ashley Greene Reteam To Bring Lacrosse And Love to The Big Screen For "A Warrior's Heart"

In their first lead roles Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene share star-making chemistry in the heartfelt drama "A Warrior's Heart."Xenon Pictures and California Pictures in association with Family Productions and Camelot Entertainment Group have announced plans to release the highly anticipated "A Warrior's Heart." Written by Martin Dugard and directed by Mike Sears, "A Warrior's Heart" stars Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene ("The Twilight Saga"), Chord Overstreet ("Glee"), Adam Beach ("Cowboys and Aliens"), and Gabrielle Anwar (TV's "Burn Notice").

Screened at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival to enthusiastic cheers, "A Warrior's Heart" has inked a deal for a theatrical, VOD and DVD release.

Not only have early screenings of "A Warrior's Heart" been met with overwhelmingly positive reviews but the film has also been highly praised by lacrosse fans who are converging on the Major League Lacrosse Championship in Annapolis, Maryland on August 27th.

Producers Jamie Thompson, Steven Istock and Marc Spizzirri describe the movie as "a heartfelt family friendly teen love story."

In shock and denial over his Marine father's death in battle, high-school lacrosse star Conor Sullivan starts acting out in self-destructive ways until he's kicked off the team and sent to a wilderness lacrosse camp run by his dad's Native American combat buddy (Adam Beach). With support from his girlfriend Brooklyn (Ashley Greene) Conor embraces the game's Native American roots and open his eyes to the true meaning of sportsmanship and life.
Comment:  I reported on this film back in January 2009 when it was just called Warrior. The new title is about as bland as the old one.

The whole "athlete as warrior" thing is such a cliché. I'd be stunned if a movie compared an athlete to a poet, dancer, surgeon, chess player, or robot.

What about Crooked Arrows?

I thought Crooked Arrows was the lacrosse movie. Now we have two lacrosse movies. Will audiences sit still for that much lacrosse?

Like Crooked Arrows, A Warrior's Heart uses a non-Native protagonist to introduce a Native sport. Because we can't have a mainstream movie centered on Natives, right?

Movies where sports are a metaphor for life--where "bad" characters are redeemed by teamwork and camaraderie--are a dime a dozen, of course. Sometimes these movies are good despite the tired, clichéd premise. We'll see whether A Warrior's Heart is a good one or not.

For more on lacrosse movies, see Crooked Arrows Announces Lacrosse Team and Birmingham to Play Routh's Father.


dmarks said...

"Because we can't have a mainstream movie centered on Natives, right?"

And it would be just as viable. The actual Native members of the Twilight "Wolf Pack" have as much star draw as Kellan.

Melvin Martin said...

Anything with Adam beach in it sucks...