May 10, 2012

Costner wins in sculpture suit

Court rules for Kevin Costner in sculpture appeal

By Andrea J. CookActor Kevin Costner did not violate his contract with local sculptor Peggy Detmers by installing commissioned bronzes at his Tatanka attraction, the South Dakota Supreme Court ruled Thursday.The key points:Detmers’ attempt to argue that she did not agree to Tatanka as a permanent site for the bronzes was not supported by the evidence, said Rapid City attorney Kyle Wiese, who represented Costner.

“The Supreme Court agreed with us that she agreed to put them there permanently,” Wiese said. “The Supreme Court said there was extensive evidence in the records that she and him had a meeting of the minds and agreed to put them there for the long term.”

Detmers’ active participation in the mounting of the artwork at Tatanka and the open house further demonstrated that she agreed with the location.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Artist Sues Costner Over Tatanka Sculpture.

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