May 20, 2012

Transgendered Native as civil rights champion

Transgender contestant loses beauty pageant, wins civil rights test

By Cassandra SzklarskiTransgender trailblazer Jenna Talackova lost her bid to become Miss Universe Canada over the weekend, but said Sunday that her history-making appearance has awarded her a much more meaningful role as a civil rights champion.

“I never thought I would be wearing [the] crown of an advocate and it feels really good, I feel very honoured,” Ms. Talackova said one day after losing the Miss Universe Canada title to fellow Vancouverite Sahar Biniaz.

“I was training for eight months, I was very dedicated and all of a sudden I was disqualified and for something that was so unjust. And now I’m a heroine in a lot of people’s eyes and it’s just made me so humbled and I wake up pinching myself.”

Ms. Talackova fell just outside the winner’s circle Saturday night, when she was cut after making the Top 12.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Osage Transgender Runs for Office and Transgendered Native in Miss Universe Pageant.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't figure she'd win. Just because Miss Universe is about objectification, and no guy will admit to being attracted to a woman, knowing she used to be a man.

But either way, if the Donald has no issue with her being there, no one else should. It's his pageant, and a general rule about such things is "my production, my rules".