May 08, 2012

Navajo Nation = great road trip

Navajo Nation Part of Yahoo‘s Top Ten Places to Travel

10 great all-American road trips

By Elissa RichardDine' Tah Scenic Road

Indulge your wanderlust on wheels while exploring Arizona's Wild West. It doesn't get more all-American than the Navajo Nation's ancestral lands: Whiz by sacred mountains, canyons, forests, and desert vistas, and stop off to peruse the wares of talented local artisans or to ogle ancient cliff dwellings and prehistoric drawings. Explore the heart of Navajo lands along the 100-mile Dine' Tah (“Among the People”) Scenic Road, which stretches along Navajo Routes 12 and 64 from Window Rock (the Navajo capital) to the magnificent Canyon de Chelly. Imperative roadside stops include the Navajo Nation Museum, Window Rock Memorial Park, and the archeological and historical majesty of Canyon de Chelly.
Comment:  I believe I've visited the Navajo Nation three times. While you're there, you also should go to Monument Valley, even if it's a bit out of the way. And Four Corners, and Mesa Verde, and Chaco Canyon...the whole area is rich with things to see.

For more on Navajo tourism, see Navajo Tourism Spending Increases 32% and Navajos Split on Grand Canyon Flights.

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