May 18, 2012

Racists hate and fear minority babies

Morons Disappointed to Learn Most Babies Born in America Are Not White

By Erin Gloria RyanWhen the US Census bureau announced this morning that for the first time in US history, the majority of babies born in 2011 were not white, naturally my first thought was to see what paranoids and dum dums on the internet were saying about it, because I'm nothing if not a chronic hater. After all, this sort of topic is perfect idiot-bait—it hits all the notes necessary to strike a chord of fear in the hearts of America's racists. And the web, as this country's id's butthole, absolutely did not disappoint.

The data in question shows that more non-white babies were born last year, which means calling non-white babies "minorities" is becoming increasingly stupider, and also that the Duggars are losing. Part of the baby demographic shift was due to a higher birth rate among Hispanics and the fact that the crappy economic picture prompted many white families to forego baby having. Analysts project that by the end of this century, non-white Americans will outnumber white Americans, a thought that strikes fear into octogenarian conservative xenophobes who will be dead long before "their" country is "taken away" from them by the Mexicans.

Anyway, the sort of person who uses the phrase "the white race" non-ironically is pretty upset with this development, another bit of evidence, in their mind, that minority women are unstoppable breeding machines with out of control sexuality and dangerous fecundity that must be kept out of America at all costs.

Readers of Fox Nation, that reliable bastion of whackadoodlery, rated the story of the nonwhite birth rate surpassing the white birth rate as "Scary." And commenters are frightened, but resigned. One said, "It was bound to happen..with anchor babies and pay raises for more chillrin..." Others, who clearly still don't understand the concept of "structural racism" having nothing to do with sheer numbers and everything to do with power, wondered if they'd get special consideration for entering "government school" now. You know, like all those Mexican children of undocumented farm workers who are applying for admission to Harvard, unseating deserving white applicants. Another said, "Not hard to believe. Los Angeles in the 1970's was overwhelmingly white. Now it's overwhelmingly latino. The latinos took over. Just look at the school demographics. That pretty much tells the story. This country is slowly being returned to Mexico with the help of politicians." Hard to argue with that!
Top Right-Wing Group: Minority Births Are ‘Not A Good Thing’ Because They ‘Don’t Share American Values’

By Adam PeckYesterday, the New York Times reported on new census data which showed, for the first time, that non-white births made up over 50 percent of all births in the United States last year.

It marked an important milestone, indicative of a changing United States that has long been considered the world’s melting pot. Or, if you’re the conservative, Phyllis Schlafly-backed Eagle Forum, it’s a clarion call that America is in grave danger of being overrun by uneducated, un-American brown people:It is not a good thing. The immigrants do not share American values, so it is a good bet that they will not be voting Republican when they start voting in large numbers.


Instead, the USA is being transformed by immigrants who do not share those values, and who have high rates of illiteracy, illegitimacy, and gang crime, and they will vote Democrat when the Democrats promise them more food stamps.
Setting aside for a minute the offensive way in which the Eagle Forum dismisses all of “the immigrants” as thoughtless criminals, it’s telling that The Eagle Forum views this as simply a political problem.
Some commenters put the second posting in perspective:Sigh, again with the "blacks & Hispanics aren't American and only want welfare and food stamps."

FACT: Red States use the most welfare and food stamps.
FACT: a minority baby cries & poops just like a white baby.
FACT: Minorities vote Democrat because the GOP are racists and treats them like they're not people.

Exactly, why would I as a minority want to vote for a politicial party that sees me as: illiterate, less educated, not American (even though I AM) and worst of all less human than they are.

Oh--I thught all babies were BORN with American values--except, of course, those that aren't like Phyllis.

And we stole this land so...I guess American values are steal what you can and call it yours. A shame to see THAT go!
Comment:  As Tim Wise put it, anyone who reacts negatively to this news is a racist. It's pure racial news--more brown than white babies born--so there's no reason to care unless you're prejudiced against skin color.

For more on conservative racism, see White Privilege Will End Soon and Conservatives Seek Return to 1957.


Anonymous said...

Whats to fear? Idiots and ignorance are not sole white traits. We have them in every tribe and race as well, so, for whites to think that they have the edge on stupidity and voting against your own communitys better interests can be found in native, African American, Asian and Latino groups. After all, there are some Indians that are okay with Indian mascots?

Anonymous said...

@The above Anonymous:

This site is not an anti-racist site. It's a Marxist site, and Marxism today means holding white people to a different, impossible standard while ignoring racism among non-whites (like that nice "Stay Brown" sign sported by one of the demonstrators in the Decolonize Oakland May Day rally).

Rob said...

If you're referring to my blog, Anonymous #2, you're wrong. In any case, you're even more wrong about the definition of Marxism.

It's amazing how stupid and ignorant people have become about the concepts of socialism and Marxism. Most conservatives use these words without having a clue what they really mean.