November 17, 2013


A French comic book featuring Indians:

Black Wolf is definitely an orphan

By BdzoomEight years after the death of Jean Ollivier, the creator of the "Black Wolf" series (published in Pif-Gadget) is its graphical father, Roger Chevallier alias Kline, who died on 16 May [2013].

Roger Chevallier
(3 June 1921-16 May 2013, France)
In 1960 he commenced working for Vaillant, where he drew series like 'Davy Crockett' (until 1969) and 'Loup-Noir' (1969-1980), both written by Jean Ollivier.

In other words, writer Jean Ollivier and artist Kline created "Black Wolf." Ollivier died eight years ago and Kline died recently, making Black Wolf an "orphan."

The first sample of Loup-Noir looks okay. But in the second sample, is that a Northern Plains youth running from a Central American jaguar? Um, I don't think so.

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