November 21, 2013

Second "Trail of Tears" banner displayed

Second 'Trail of Tears' Banner Displayed at Tennessee High School Football GameAnother high school football team has used a “trail of tears” banner to allegedly taunt their visiting opponents.

The Dyersburg Trojans played the Northside Indians in the Tennessee High School Football Playoffs on Friday. The Trojans held up a banner that had blue dots in the shape of tears trickled on the word “tears”; and yellow dots, also in the shape of tears, on the word “trail.”

According to Mother Jones, a Facebook page, that is managed by the Dyersburg coaching staff, highlighted a half-dozen photos of their students holding up the sign for the visiting team, the Indians.

Their principal, Jon Frye, did not attend the playoff game and said that he was not aware of the photos on Facebook. He also said that he would ask the administrators of the page to take them down. The photos have been removed.
Comment:  See the previous "Trail of Tears" gaffe--Opponents Taunted with "Trail of Tears" Sign--for why this sign is problematical.

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