November 01, 2013

Skye & Chang

Skye & Chang: Friday, November 1, 2013--7:00 pm Evening ScreeningSkye & Chang is a female-buddy martial-arts sci-fi mash-up with awesome Aboriginal superpowers. Skye and Chang are grown-up inner-city kids with black belts and warrior spirits. Skye even has a secret superpower. For Now? Stunt doubles. When a stunt goes wrong, the star thinks she’s targeted for murder and hires Chang as her bodyguard. At their dojo, Skye finds Kisik, a half-mad student convinced a corporation kidnapped her scientist father and are plotting to kill millions. More murder attempts on-set. Mysterious men chasing Kisik. Now is the time for Skye and Chang to be the warriors they always imagined.

Sera-Lys McArthur: First Nations Superhero?Sera-Lys McArthur is a dynamic actress, ascending as a who’s who performer across many platforms. Recently nominated for a Best Actress Award by the American Indian Film Institute for the Loretta Todd feature, Skye & Chang, she plays the role of Skye, a female stunt double with the secret superpower ability to time slip. The titular duo warriors up in this film described as a “female-buddy martial arts sci-fi mash-up.” It is set to open the American Indian Film Festival (AIFF) in November.She Knows Kung Fu: Sera-Lys McArthur Fights Bad Guys in 'Skye & Chang'The film is billed as a superhero action movie--do you have a super power?

I play reluctant superhero Skye Daniels. I am human in that I can fight and perform martial arts and parkour extremely well; as can my BFF Emily Chang (played by actress Olivia Cheng). Skye possesses the supernatural ability to "time-slip," making her able to see what is happening in a different space and time dimension--but she can't control it very well, it just kind of happens. People keep showing up on Skye and Chang's doorstep needing help, and just by their helpful, protective and loyal natures, the pair end up becoming a crime-fighting duo. I love the tag line on the poster, which sums up the story beautifully: You Never Know How Strong You Are Until Being Strong Is Your Only Choice.
Skye & Chang at the 38th American Indian Film Festival--San Francisco

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