June 22, 2008

All about Chief Thunderbird

Saanich snap was signature move of Chief ThunderbirdThunderbird was an eight letter man in sports during his time at Indian college in Tacoma, called the Cushman School, including boxing, wrestling, baseball, basketball track and field, football, soccer and lacrosse. As a boxer, Thunderbird won 27 of 32 pro fights, breaking both hands at various times.

Entering the wrestling ring in full native regalia, including a feather head-dress and drums pounding, Chief Thunderbird was a noted attraction across North America, but even moreso in England, which he toured in 1951-52 and 1954-55. His signature move was the "Saanich Snap," which was similar to what was also known as the "Indian Deathlock," but he used his arms to gain the submission.

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