June 22, 2008

Another look at CALIBER #1

Comic Book Reviews:  Caliber and Hercules #1Narrated by the series' Native American Merlin, named Jean Michel, the five-part Caliber revolves around a pistol called the Lawmaker that one man is destined to wield. As the story opens in the old Pacific Northwest, Jean Michel is still seeking out the one to hold onto the gun, though canny readers will instantly recognize the lad born into the role as soon as they catch his name (Arthur Pendergon). Arthur's father, an army captain, is charged with keeping the peace between settlers, railroad workers and the Klamath tribe, but since avaricious railroad interests are surreptitiously working to foment conflict between all sides, we know he's doomed to fail.

Since the premiere issue is primarily devoted to set-up, our main interest lies in trying to anticipate how scripter Sam Sarkar will ring his changes on the Arthurian legend. When a sexy Klamath maiden shows up to seduce Jean Merlin ("Would you desire me as much if I were tame?" she asks him), for instance, we instantly recognize her as the story's Morgan Le Fay--and wonder how that will play out as the story progresses.
Comment:  So the comic includes a sexy maiden as well as a mystical shaman? Does it also include a big chief and a savage warrior?

I wonder how much Klamath culture the comic incorporates? I'm guessing little or none.

For more on the subject, see Comic Books Featuring Indians.

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