June 29, 2008

Makah okayed whale hunt?

Court memos suggest on eve of sentencing that Makah Tribal Council OK'd whale kill last yearThe Makah Tribal Council knew about and approved an illegal whale hunt Sept. 8, says one of the hunters in documents filed in federal court.

Theron Parker, 45, provided U.S. District Court in Tacoma with statements to that effect as he sought leniency in the sentence he will receive on Monday.
An example of what he meant:"Theron asked Chairman Johnson, 'What if I went out and got a whale?' The chairman's response was 'Go ahead, get one.'

"Theron asked if he would have the Makah Tribal Council's support.

"Ben [Johnson] said they would support the whale hunt if Theron decided to go out for a whale."
Comment:  Wow. If true, this news would be a stunning turn of events. After all their protests of shock and outrage, the Makah Tribal Council knew about and even authorized the illegal whale hunt?

Talk about hypocrisy. Not to mention a public-relations nightmare. This could sink the tribe's chances of ever getting approval for another whale hunt.

For more on the subject, see The Makah Whale-Hunting Controversy.

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