June 26, 2008

"Return to Your Roots," Natives

The Value of Our Ancestral DietThose who study modern diseases and diet have concluded that the majority--probably as much as 80 percent or more--of our chronic illnesses in westernized societies are specifically due to lifestyle behaviors, the most significant of which is the way we eat.

A major part of the revival of intense interest in the ancestral diet has been generated by a “Return to Your Roots” movement in Native American populations.

Prior to 1936, there were no known cases of diabetes mellitus in American Indians. Today, one out of every five Native Americans has diabetes, compared to one out of every 20 in the total non-Indian adult population in this country.

Experts believe that Native Americans have developed diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, kidney disease, alcoholism and other chronic medical disorders at high rates because of what they eat. Beginning in the 1930s, government commodity programs and other factors led to very poor eating habits by Native Americans. Bad diseases, like diabetes and hypertension, quickly followed, almost like an epidemic shadow.

Experts also believe that these diseases are not inevitable in Native Americans, if only they could go back to their ancestral diet.

This would mean eating leaner game meats, green vegetables and nuts instead of sugary breakfasts, convenience food products, fast foods, soft drinks and alcohol.

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writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
It has been less than 150 years since Natives brutally were torn from their aboriginal lives and victuals. After being reduced to survival groups, genetic diversity almost totally had been expunged and thus successful adaptation to EuroMan's alien diets became next to impossible.
Then there is a little-known line of research that has been underway at the CDC for three decades and more that is searching for a "fast-acting, fast-moving" virus that seems to be the cause of Diabetes Type 1 or 'juvenile' diabetes. The implications so far are that perhaps Diabetes 1 and Mellitus Type 2 could have been viral diseases brought by EuroMen that initially found resistance among Natives until their gene pool was devastated, making it an opportunistic affliction as was and is Tuberculosis...
All Best
Russ Bates