June 24, 2008

Sheyahshe interviews Alvitre

Michael Sheyahshe (Caddo), author of the upcoming Native Americans in Comics, interviews comic-book artist/illustrator Weshoyot Alvitre (Tongva/Gaelic/Scotish):

IPI: Indigenous Peeps in the Industry--01MS: What are some comics with Native American characters in them that stand out to you?

WA: I have to say I really enjoyed David Mack's ECHO character that he created. I think it had a great deal to do with how he created a solid character with emotions and reactions to situation and the fact she was Native was secondary. It wasn't forced down your throat in an insincere way. He did research what he did and I feel he made a very genuine effort to do justice to her character. I borrowed Comanche Moon from a friend recently but haven't had time to read it yet...I'd really be interested if someone did a book based on mythos and creation stories and somehow modernized it to make something new, that's not been introduced to the market yet.

MS: What is your opinion about Indigenous characters in comics? Do you feel we [are] portrayed properly?

WA: I feel like there are not a lot of Native characters or creators I am familiar with, in dealing with Native people in comics. But with anything that is associated with Native people, I think there's still that stereotype in a lot of the work that does come out, and I think it's partially to blame because history books and the American history curriculum treats Native people as either a mythical creature that is extinct...like unicorns or the Tasmanian tiger...or dives right into the auto response people now seem to have in regards to the casino bands of Native people, and the resentment that seems to accompany that.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Comic Books Featuring Indians.

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