June 16, 2008


Someone makes an effort to humanize Warpath, the Apache comic-book bruiser, and it's Jason Aaron, of all people.

X-Force: Ain't No Dog Review

Wolverine and Warpath steal the spotlight.Over in the backup strip, Jason Aaron does a study of Warpath in "Hunters & Killers." The story sees James coming to terms with the brand of justice X-Force practices (see: shoving vibranium knives in peoples' throats) and how it contrasts with his Native American upbringing. It's a poignant tale, and it's nice to see somebody affiliated with X-Force caring one way or the other about gutting people for a living, even if the more logical choice for this sort of thing would've been Rahne. Still, it goes some way in humanizing Warpath and shows that his time spent fighting under the banners of the White Queen, Cable, and now Wolverine hasn't completely twisted his morality. But at the end of the day, it's certainly not essential reading, and some merely serviceable art doesn't help it along much. As I mentioned before, it almost seems like something the editors added at the last minute to justify a $3.99 price tag.Comment:  Don't say I never post anything positive about Aaron, the writer of SCALPED...!

I might pay a dollar for the Warpath story. But it doesn't sound as if the comic as a whole is worth $4.00.

For more on the subject, see Comic Books Featuring Indians.

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