August 16, 2008

Jacob Black's final fate

Spoiler alert!

From what I've read about Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in the Twilight series, Jacob ends up with a character named Renésmee. As the TwilightSaga wiki describes her:It is stated at the end of the book that she will probably reach complete physical maturity after about seven years, at which point she will stop aging and live forever.Readers aren't quite clear about what this means. Here's one exchange on the subject:OK will Renesmee grow up? Like will she GROW or will she be a kid on the outside forever?

she'll be full grown at the age of seven meaning physically and mentally she'll be like 18+ or something like but she'll have only been on the earth 7 years so in reality she'll be a seven years old who's REALLY developed and REALLY smart. which is weird cuz then guys will want her like that PEDO jake big_smile
Regardless of how physically or mentally mature Renésmee seems, she'll still be seven years old. Therefore, I think it would be fair to call her a girl-child or a future woman-child.

Animal boy imprints on girl-child

Several postings mention that Jacob has "imprinted on Renésmee." This sounds like something a baby bird or puppy does to its parent. It sounds as though Jacob has bonded with the girl-child somehow. They aren't lovers now, but they will be once Renésmee grows up and becomes a woman-child. For now he's attached to a 7-year-old (or younger) girl.

Here's how the TwilightSaga wiki describes Jacob's feelings for Renésmee:He is extremely close to her, goes hunting with her, and for Christmas he braids her a bracelet that is the Quileute version of a promise ring, much to the annoyance of Edward. Renesmee always has the bracelet on. Jacob has a strong desire to protect her and to keep her happy and safe. It is likely that his feelings will eventually bud into romantic interests when she's old enough. He thinks of her as his Nessie. It is hard for him to be separated from her, so he visits every day and almost never leaves the Cullen house.A boy and his pet girl-child...nice. It seems pedophilia would be an accurate description of Jacob's feelings. But I haven't read the books, so perhaps I'm missing something.

Were-puppy love

So what's the point? The point is that the Anglo vampire gets a woman while the Indian werewolf gets a (future) woman-child. Coincidence? I think not. I think author Meyer envisions Indians being somewhat simple in a wise way (or wise in a simple way). Thus a woman-child is a natural match for the Indian man-child.

Throughout history, observers have described Indians as animals. Now we're seeing a modern-day version of this. While the Anglo vampire ends up in a mature relationship involving sex and pregnancy, the Indian werewolf ends up literally and figuratively with puppy love. One grows up; the other doesn't.

Have I made the symbolism clear enough? Maybe I should spell it out:

Anglo man => woman
Indian boy => girl

It might be okay if one actually were a man and the other a boy. But both Edward the vampire and Jacob the werewolf are 17. Their prospects should be similar, but they aren't. What does that tell you about Twilight's view of Indians?

For more on the subject, see Quileute Werewolves in Twilight.

P.S. My guess that Jacob would die tragically was sadly off. Oh, well...can't win 'em all.

Below:  "I look like I'm about 12, so I'm young enough for a 7-year-old. Gimme a taste of that girl-child. Awhooo!"


Anonymous said...

As a Twilight Fan, I'm offended by this entry. As a Native American, I disagree with the entry as well. Again, it has nothing to do with race. Why do you seek it out to be? The only thing I'm offended by is how they didn't really cast a Native to play Jacob in the movie... I have a cousin who would play him perfectly.... No one sees Jacob as a Pedophile.. except non Twilight fans who didn't read the book... If anything we're rooting for him to be happy.. which has nothing to deal with his race... "Because Native Americans are oh so unhappy".... Is that according to Stephanie Meyer?

Anonymous said...

hi...sorry I came across your site while compulsively looking up stuff on this stupid book series (not all the fans are 14 year old girls, some of us are like closer to 30 with kids of our own, sadly)

I agree with you 100 percent on the casting of this obviously non-NA for a very NA role (but then again that might be in part because of my cough cough preoccupation with the 'native hunk dream' as you have described it ..cough)

but also let me shed some light on this girl-woman child thing and good old Stephanie Meyer... Stephanie went to BYU, (ummm wait this will sound totally biased against religion so you know disclaimer and all) BYU is full of those oh so crazy Mormons, in fact the school is 95 percent Mormon and only 5 percent of the population is "other" so the chances are pretty good that SM is Mormon, not to mention that one of the author quotes she has on her site is from Orson Scott Card (another Mormon writer, of enders game fame)

now Mormons reeeeally like to go around and convert people to their religion, they especially like to focus on poor areas in poor countries and really like to convert "natives" in fact they believe jebus -- sorry Jesus-- came to the Americas after he was crucified and spread his gospel to the native Americans and that this tribe which was eventually lost, was also the lost tribe of Israel. I am going out on a limb here but I bet SM probably isn't a paragon of liberal ideals, and in reality I bet that she is probably writing from her experience, which is that of a Mormon who was brought up with certain beliefs ideals etc. totally not excusing her just wanted to share so that you could I have to get back to reading these stupid books

Rob said...

Good point, Anonymous. If Meyer is a Mormon, she may see the Quileutes as a mythical tribe. That is, as a "lost tribe" of werewolves akin to the Lost Tribe of Israel.

For my thoughts on your comment, Real Fan, see Jacob Black, Pedophile? and Meyer's Unconscious Racism?

Anonymous said...

I don't like negative comments on her books. We have to remember just like Anne Rice she created a fictional book with mythical creatures that do not exist nor ever existed. As far as getting a legend correct or down to its roots is not the importance of the story. It's a fictional story about two combatting foes and a romance between a girl and a vampire. She made up her own story and that is all that matters. She probably did not want to take the time to go over every last detail of a Native american legend. Because the story is not aimed totally on this myth. The story she is aiming at is the vampires and the love story. She probably just used the native american just add to more appeal to the story. After all why create a vampire story that has no foes in it or obstacles. That was her aim to create chaos and order. Not just a flat vampire romance where the the good guy gets the girl with no interfernce. That would pan out to a plain flat story with no suspence. if that was the case why write it. So give the writer a break. I think she was very creative just to do something different with a vampire/werewolf tale. It is obvious that the native american's do not take offense to this movie or the few that played in it would not have offered a facial appearance. I myself am decended from the native american race and I took not offense to it. As far as the pedofile goes I see none. You have to remember these are not your normal humans but mythical beasts. Mythical magical beasts that age at a different rate then humans. while she may have been been born and on the earth only 7 years matters not. Her body and maturity level is a full grown beast. she may have been 7 years old human wise but by vampire years she was 18 or so odd years old. Just like a Dog or a cat you have to add years to the now grown 7 year old vampire. You can't assume the 7 year old age would apply to a situation like this. remember these creatures are not human in her books so in no way would I consider them a pedofile. But then again some people do not have this idea in their heads or understanding.

Anonymous said...

I think that whoever posted this article is looking for racism.
Quileute legends do mention wolves.Bella fell in love with the dangerous one.The book wouldn't be as interesting if she was in love with someone who didn't thirst for her blood.

Rob said...

I'm not "looking" for racism, Anonymous, I'm discussing the racism that's there. See Meyer's Unconscious Racism, Noble Savages in Twilight, and White Vampire Yes, Indian Werewolf No for more information.

I've discussed what the Quileute legends do and don't say at length. See Genuine Quileute Lore and Twilight vs. Quileute Legends for details.

As for the previous Anonymous...for my response to your comments, see Twilight Fan Dislikes Negative Comments. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Rob, You are a douche bag.

Everyone else...seriously...take a deep breath and try not to get all hyped up. You are making a mountain out of a mole hill. It's a work of FICTION. The Movie is just a MOVIE. The whole world is wrapped up in how to be PC and what is PC and how do we no offend people and all it's doing is making more PROBLEMS.

Hello!!??? Enjoy life, enjoy a good book and STOP looking for every little teeny tiny thing to pick at.

You guys are like a crack-head with a pock ridden face...Get off the rock, stop picking, things will heal, everything will be FINE.

If I sound like a tree-hugging, tofu-eating, peace-loving hippie, then so be it.

Take a chill pill and stop and smell the roses, you guys are giving yourselves ulcers and shortening your lives...
:) hugs (:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Firstly Jacob physically is aging around 25 and is n longer aging. Secondly Renesme will be fully grown in 7 years but will be fully grown nd fuly matured. She will not be any more of a girl then Bella. You are stupid to think that white man gets woman and indian boy get girl.As none of them age, in 100 years will any1 care that bella is 18 yers older?or that Edward is 100 years older? I dont think so.
Secondly the imprinting thing isnt a romantic love. Just a devotion to he child as parent or brother. He will be the best babysitter for her and then her best friend hwen she needs it and then when she is older (he will still be the same age) their love can mature into something romantic and physical. Its just that he knows he will love her when shes older

Rob said...

Re "Rob, You are a douche bag": Anonymous, you're a simpleton. Apparently you're totally ignorant of the history of stereotyping in the media and how it affects our perceptions of reality.

I've written about this subject literally hundreds of times. Which is hundreds of times more than you've thought about it, I'm guessing.

Here's some reading for you so you can alleviate your profound ignorance of the subject. Get back to us when you have more than a kindergarten-level understanding of it.

"It's Just a [Fill in the Blank]"

The Harm of Native Stereotyping:  Facts and Evidence

The Influence of Movies

As for your claim that I'm being "politically correct," I've written about that many times also. Apparently you're unaware that calling someone PC is a favorite tactic of racists to stop a debate. When you can't win an argument with facts or logic, you try to demonize the opposition before it can kick your butt.

Is that why you're crying "PC" too? Because you agree with the racists that we should never discuss racial issues? Let us know whether you're a racist yourself or just a racist sympathizer, okay?

P.S. The next time you attack me or anyone personally, I'll feel free to delete your message. You have been warned.

Rob said...

So imprinting isn't romantic love, Anonymous? It's just parental or brotherly love that will "mature into something romantic and physical"?

I've got a news flash for you. When parental or brotherly love turns into romantic and physical love, that's a textbook description of incest. Parents aren't supposed to love children and brothers aren't supposed to love siblings in that manner.

If the people in this situation aren't related biologically, we say their feelings are incestuous even if their actions aren't. Psychologists will tell you it's questionable at best for parental figures to initiate a romance with people in their care. The objects of their affection often aren't detached enough to distinguish between parental and romantic love.

All clear? For more on the subject, see Jacob Black, Pedophile?