August 29, 2008

Update on Cowboys and Aliens movie

I asked correspondent Alana Joli, writer of the second volume of COWBOYS & ALIENS, the following:Are you involved in the "Cowboys & Aliens" movie at all? Are they using the first volume, the second volume, or both as source material?She replied:Hi Rob,

They're not involving the C&AII crew at all. ... I assume they're using the first volume as a basis--but actually, I suspect they're just buying the concept of it and are writing a script completely different from either.

Comment:  I suspect Alana is right.

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Rob said...

Russell Bates writes:

Writerfella here --

As usually is the case, they have bought the concept but will render it into their own format as a screenplay. Geez, if screenplays were that easy, writerfella would be rich...

All Best
Russ Bates