August 31, 2008

Reactions to Obama's speech

Natives React:  ‘Totally Overwhelmed’ by ‘Powerful’ Speech"There were parts of his speech where I felt totally overwhelmed and felt that he was speaking those words directly to us," said Shelly Thompson, a Southern Ute who lives in Colorado.

Erma Vizenor, chief of the White Earth Nation of Ojibwe Indians in Minnesota, agreed with Obama's message for change and said his words inspired her even more while reminding her of an Ojibwe word: "in-qwa-mus."

"That means ‘it is time' in Ojibwe," Vizenor said. "That's what our people say."

The speech blended soaring themes with specific promises while talking about the mother who raised him and the experiences that shaped him. He also sought to blunt McCain's criticism as celebrity and someone too inexperienced to be president.

Margarett Campbell, an Assiniboine from Montana, said that Obama "showed incredible strength" with his words.

"If there were any doubts that he could handle things as president in a crisis, his speech tonight laid those concerns to rest," she said.

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