August 26, 2008

Long-haired boy goes to school

Long-haired Needville boy can start school, mom saysA 5-year-old boy whose hair length is forbidden by a strict school dress code went to class with long locks Monday after the Needville Independent School District offered a compromise.

But the issue in this Fort Bend County community remains far from resolved.

School officials last month said they would not let Adriel Arocha come to school unless he cut his hair, but now say the boy can attend classes if his hair is braided and tucked inside the collar.

However, the boy attended the first day of kindergarten at Needville Elementary School with his hair braided and hanging outside his collar, said school board President Jimmie Kocian.

He said it is unclear what will happen next in the battle between the district and the parents.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see School District vs. Five-Year-Old.


Clyde Hodge said...

This isn't the first time a school district has forgotten to ask their U. S. History teachers about that often overlooked Bill of Rights, especially, the First Amendment and its Freedom of Religion. We Native People have been officially brought into the realm of American Citizenship (burial remains, religion, language, voting...)only recently, but it is amazing that any citizen in the 21st Century America doesn't get it.
This Hitleresque behavior should, of course, be rewarded with a multi-million dollar civil suit against the district, and move to get rid of this canker sore of intolerance and the people who promote this 1950s style complete lack of rational thought. Native American Rights Fund ( ought to see this as an open and shut case. Go gettem, Adriel! Buy your own (union) charter school!

Rob said...

The court case is already under way, Clyde. For more on the subject, see School Needs to Regulate Hair?