October 11, 2008

Native vignette on breast cancer

Native women to star in film on breast cancer

American Cancer Society to release all-Native vignetteIn this column, Roberta Cahill of the American Cancer Society talks about a new film vignette on breast cancer being produced by the ACS, using all Native women as spokespeople. Cahill is Yankton Sioux and lives in Pierre. Her work focuses on cancer education to diverse populations.

Charlotte Hofer: Roberta, can you tell me about this new vignette being produced by the ACS and starring Native women? Why a vignette?

Roberta Cahill: The vignette is a way to explain the importance of breast cancer screening to Native women. This is a film for Native women, predominantly by Native women. The spokespersons in the film, many of the scriptwriters-–even the producer--are all Native. It is important to the ACS to incorporate cultural values and beliefs into the film--by using storytelling and by having American Indians involved in every aspect of the film.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Native Documentaries and News.

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