October 17, 2008

Two-woman Native sketch comedy

Theater:  Lots of learning lessons

Southland native puts heart and soul into 'A Dozen Guns N Rosas'"A Dozen Guns N Rosas" delves into issues such as spirituality, managing finances, motherhood, and growing up while looking for the perfect gift at Rosa's, a Native American specialty boutique.Some background on one of the stars:After her comic revelation, Dykas joined The Second City 's training center, where she learned to do improv. From there, she went to Los Angeles to do stand-up comedy.

Dykas said she went to L.A. to do comedy and became involved in the Native American community while she was there.

Her mother is Mexican and a Native American from the Yaqui Tribe in Arizona and Sonora, Mexico.

According to Dykas, because she is a brown woman, everyone in L.A. called her Pocahontas.

"Although I connected with a large Native American community there, it's good to be back here," said Dykas, who returned to the Southland in December and moved to Chicago in June.
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