November 10, 2008

Dissing Jana's video

'Enlightened Time' Vs. 'Drinkin' Song'Jana won the Native American Music Award for "Best Short Play Video." One word sums up her Nammy award-winning video, "The Enlightened Time:" Hollywood.

The most authentic Indian piece of scenery in this video was the big pickup truck cruising down a dirt road. Other than that, the helicopter landscape shots and "traditional" dances were straight out of a presentation from the History Channel; it's something you see in fiction, not in a powwow. It's Hollywood, and not the real thing.
And:I think RezHogs video for "Drinkin' Song" is a much more eye-opening view into reservation life, and should have taken the top prize. Their video is holding up a mirror to ourselves as Indian people. I don't see too many artists giving that much truth in their music. "Drinkin' Song" is like an honest artist giving a news report that's coming from where I'm from. "The Enlightened Time" is like a pretty girl trying hard to belong with a big budget for her video. Two different views from two different places.Comment:  We discussed Jana's video before and agreed it was stereotypical. Nice production values, it would be more impressive conceptually if it focused on her Lumbee roots or featured tribes across the nation. After all, her refrain is, "We are all one tribe." Doesn't that practically require her to show a montage of many tribes?

The Enlightened Time

The Drinking Song Music Video

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Anonymous said...

On "Enlightened Time":

Just another example of New Age-directed, feel good, Hollyweird Indian fluff that really does not say too much at all about anything (that I could figure out). Is the message here one of inter-tribal unity or what? What is the message here, if any at all?

The hokey "pan-Indian" imagery in this video has been pretty much played out already by not only the History Channel, but National Geographic, too. Personally, I'd love to see MORE activist-oriented productions that focus on the problems that plague us as a people, which leads me to...,

"The Drinking Song"

This video should have won out over Jana's as the message here is extraordinarily clear as to the horrendous effects of alcohol and alcoholism upon our people (who suffer the worst rates of death due to drinking than all other U.S. ethnic groups researched for the latest governmental studies).

That the (Native) rap/hip hop genre was utilized is perhaps the most effective communicative ploy to reach out to that Indian demographic that matters the most in this particular area, the younger people. It is of the utmost importance that our young people are made aware of those affictions that are devastating our communities in terms of our over-all health and well-being - and to those of us who are Indian, we all know exactly what these problems are.