March 17, 2009

Aboriginal animations on display

Big Eye:  Aboriginal Animations:  Tour with CanadiansAn exhibition of the moving image, including stop-motion, 3D and other animation techniques, Big Eye showcases Aboriginal animations from Australia and Canada in a unique cross-tribal exchange of ideas and world views.

“First World” countries Australia and Canada are two of very few countries in the world who recognise their first people as Aboriginal. Philosophically, this exhibition explores a shared heritage by Aboriginal Canadians and Aboriginal Australians through the intersection of Aboriginal Aesthetics and Culture, with the endurance of a similar colonisation as a background.

Featuring Dark Thunder Productions, Raven Tales, Skawennati Tricia Fragnito & Abtech, Rabbit and Bear Paws, The Healthy Aboriginal Project and Anthony Wong, Frank Mcleod & Aboriginal Nations, Aroha Groves, Christine Peacock & Rebekah Pitt & John Graham, the Gunbalanya Community & Gozer Media, and artist/curator Jenny Fraser.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Native Videos and Cartoons.

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