March 22, 2009

Twilight fans get Quileute culture

600 'Twilight' fans hit Forks to celebrate movie where story is setThe Rainforest Arts Center was filled to the gills as close to 600 fans of the movie "Twilight" celebrated the release of the DVD in Forks--the town where the fictional account is set.

"There are about three times as many people as we were originally expecting," said a bedazzled Annette Root, owner of the shop Dazzled by Twilight, which organized the party.

About 200, mostly females, people managed to cram into the room at a time, while hundreds more lined up around the block--amounting to about 600 fans in the 3,200-population town--waiting for others to filter out so they could get in on the party.

They were treated to a bit of West End culture beyond that described in the series of four best-selling novels by Stephenie Meyer, the first of which was made into a movie last year.

The Quileute Dancers shared portions of their history, including their sacred "Wolf Dance."

The Quileute tribe figures prominently in the teen romance novels.
Comment:  Can you imagine traveling from Hawaii or the East Coast just to celebrate the DVD release? Me neither.

For more on the subject, see Twilight vs. Quileute Legends.

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