March 20, 2009

Blame Indians for Jason

More Information About Jason (Friday the 13th)In December 2006, DC Comics imprint Wildstorm began publishing new comic books about Jason Voorhees under the Friday the 13th moniker. The first set was a six-issue miniseries. The miniseries involves Jason's return to Camp Crystal Lake, which is being renovated by a group teenagers in preparation for its reopening as a tourist attraction. The series depicts various paranormal phenomena occurring at Crystal Lake, and also states that Jason's actions are driven by the vengeful spirits of a Native American tribe wiped out on the lake by fur traders sometime in the 1800s.Comment:  No doubt the vengeful spirits came from an Indian burial ground. Ho-hum, more stereotypes.

For more on the subject, see Native Things That Go Bump in the Night and Comic Books Featuring Indians.

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