March 30, 2009

"Michigamua Exposed"

Student groups blast Michigamua

Student groups aim to eliminate secret society from the campus through open confrontationIn a bid to stymie the recruitment of the secret society Michigamua, the Native American Student Association and Latino fraternity Lambda Theta Phi sponsored an event aimed at exposing shortcomings of Michigamua yesterday.

Named “Michigamua Exposed,” the event was held in the Chemistry Building and attempted to reveal the racist nature of Michigamua by detailing the secret society’s replication of ritualistic Native American ceremonies.
and:These past controversies and others were explained at the presentation that began with a documentary shown for the first time to the public that captured members of Michigamua—a group whose name in itself is a play on a Native American name—dressed up as Native Americans in red brick paint. The movies were taken presumably from the 1950s and showed, among other things, members of Michigamua tearing each other’s clothes off and covering each other in red paint.

Three speakers, Mellissa Pope, Jujan Buford and Stehney, talked after the movie screening. Pope and Buford were both involved in the 2000 Tower takeover, when members of the Student of Color Coalition—an organization that aimed to remedy problems facing the minority community—occupied the tower in the Michigan Union where Michigamua had its headquarters.

In the process, they claimed they found Native American artifacts that they said Michigamua used in mock ritual practices.
Comment:  A 1950s-era movie and artifacts allegedly used in 2000 aren't the best evidence. The ideal would be knowing what Michigamua does today.

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