July 18, 2009

Upcoming film of The Lesser Blessed

Too expensive to film in N.W.T., filmmakers say

Lack of tax breaks, incentives means films set in N.W.T made elsewhereAnother upcoming movie production, an adaptation of Richard Van Camp's novel The Lesser Blessed, will also likely be filmed outside the Northwest Territories, producer Christina Piovesan told CBC News.

"No support from the territory, in terms of a rebate or funding, is the primary reason why we're not able to shoot there," Piovesan said Thursday.

The Lesser Blessed is set in the N.W.T. communities of Fort Smith and Behchoko. But aside from some outdoor scenes, Van Camp said most of the film adaptation will probably be shot elsewhere.

"I'd love for the [N.W.T.] Film Commission to just realize this and start stepping up," he said.
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Anonymous said...

this is dumb its supposed to be in rae edzo or fort smith
then let it be as the authers
plans dumb asse's these days man