July 24, 2009

TV show on head-shrinking

TV Review:  Revealed: The Headshrinkers of the Amazon[A]dventure's pretty much the whole tone of Revealed: The Headshrinkers of the Amazon (Five, 8pm).

Piers–who's less chatty and inclined to "get-down-with-the-tribe" than Bruce Parry, but sweet nonetheless–has flown to Ecuador to try to find out whether a film made by an explorer in 1961 really does show a head shrinking ceremony.

We see the film. It's fascinating. And there's even a step by step guide to how to do it, right down to boiling times (30 minutes, in case you were wondering) and the tricky problem of how to sew it up.
Comment:  Alas, the article doesn't answer the question of whether the ceremony is real.

For more on the subject, see TV Shows Featuring Indians.

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