July 17, 2009

Wayne Newton's legal battles

Wayne Newton sued twice this week over alleged unpaid bills

By Steve GreenEntertainer Wayne Newton has been sued twice this week by creditors claiming to be owed tens of thousands of dollars.

In one lawsuit, Newton is accused of failing to pay $32,384 for hay delivered to his Las Vegas ranch--presumably for consumption by his horses at the ranch, called Casa de Shenandoah. In the other suit, he is accused of owing GMAC $36,999 for a lease on a Cadillac.
Once more, or twice more, Wayner dogged by litigation

By John KatsilometesThis all seems entirely fitting. The first time I ever wrote about Wayne Newton was more than a decade ago when he was entangled with Tony Orlando in a suit/countersuit in Branson, Mo. Both sides claimed the other owed money in a business deal that hit some really sour notes at the Talk of the T.O.W.N. Theatre, which was leased by Newton and sublet by Orlando.

What we learned, then and subsequently, is that Wayne Newton frequently finds himself the focus of legal action (his legal battles during his days when he co-owned the Aladdin, and with NBC and the IRS, are documented on his Wikipedia entry). It’s just a point of fact, something to be aware of as you follow the Newton camp. As anyone who has muscled through my work over the years knows, I’ve been friendly with The Wayner, his family and his inner circle for a long time, and every so often, I find that someone has filed a complaint against him asking for back payment for all sorts of reasons.
Comment:  According to Newton's Wikipedia entry, "His father was of Irish-Powhatan descent and his mother of German-Cherokee ancestry."

For more on the subject, see Iroquois Exhibit on Native Entertainers and "Actual Indian" Defined.

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