August 29, 2009

2nd season for Cashing In

Cashing In Season Two Extras Casting CallThe APTN series Cashing In has started production of its 2nd season here in Winnipeg, and is having an open casting call for Aboriginal extras.

This half-hour dramatic comedy series is set in a fictional reservation, “Stonewalker” First Nation nestled comfortably beside an affluent beach community in Southern Manitoba, with a diverse cast of shark executives, smooth dealers, scheming slicksters and likable community members. Cashing In is filled with a star studded cast including Eric Schweig, Glen Gould, Sarah Podemski, and many more. This season will also include guest appearances by some of Canada’s most treasured Aboriginal artists including musician Derek Miller and Native comedian Don Burnstick.

This is a great opportunity to be a part of a true Canadian TV production!
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