August 29, 2009

Why no Peltier movie?

Correspondent Morten Krogh asked me about a Peltier movie via Facebook's instant messaging system. The following exchange ensued:Hi Rob. Just wonder. Why hasn't Hollywood made any movies about Leonard Peltier and his case? Do the FEDS have toooooo MUCH power? Remember the International Day of Solidarity for Leonard Peltier on Saturday, Sept. 12.There was the Incident at Oglala documentary.

I suspect no one thinks it would be marketable or successful. I wouldn't bet my money on such a movie. <g>I know. (I have that one in my collection.) But that's the only one.I'm impressed that Bury My Heart and the Wounded Knee episode of We Shall Remain got made.It's not for the money. :-) :-) It's for getting the true story out. And if the whole world knows how the FBI works, they [the world's people] will pressure the White House and so on. The sad thing is that no one will write about it in the media.

They re too scared. Maybe.
If some Hollywood filmmakers wanted to do a Peltier movie, you're probably right. The FBI and other powers that be would pressure them to stop.Maybe you should write about that. ?????Write about why no one is making a Peltier movie? I doubt I'd get more than the obvious answers from people. E.g., "No one in middle America would go to see this movie."

Besides, it doesn't have a real ending. Decades of unchanging imprisonment don't make for good drama. If and when he gets out, then maybe someone will deem the subject worthy.I really hope so.Comment:  Here you go, Morten. Now we've discussed the issue in the (online) media. Let's see if the FBI and company try to stop the Peltier pardon and movie now!

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P.S. I've made minor changes to Krogh's messages to make them more readable.


dmarks said...

I can't see the FBI's displeaure mattering one bit to any indy filmmaker with a passion for such a project.

Rob said...

An indie filmmaker, no. A major studio, yes.