August 18, 2009

Choctaws replace Columbus Day

Mississippi Band of Choctaw Proclaim New CalendarThe Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians voted unanimously to replace recognition of Columbus Day, which is celebrated in October, with Nanih Waiya Day--a day celebrated on the second Friday of August each year to commemorate the Tribe's Mother Mounds. The Mother Mounds are the cultural and religious center of the Choctaw.

"For Native Americans, Columbus Day should not be a day of celebration," said Mississippi Band Chief (Miko) Beasley Denson. "His arrival on our shores marked the beginning of centuries of exploitation of our people and our land. Much better that we should celebrate our rich culture and our traditions."
Comment:  See the posting's comments for more examples of tribes forgoing Columbus Day.

Speaking of Columbus Day, I've begun an intermittent series of postings on my Blue Corn Comics Twitter feed. They'll tell you what Columbus might've twittered on his first voyage if he'd had the technology. I'll probably collect them here eventually, but you'll have to follow me on Twitter if you want to read them in real time.

Below:  "World is'll see!"

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