August 27, 2009

Native Clans Caskets

New business in Cherokee another stride for tribe

By Lynne HarlanThe Long House Funeral Home opened recently in the Wolfetown community in Cherokee. Long House is owned and operated by the Bruce Martin family of Cherokee.

The family has been making caskets under the name Native Clans Caskets for a few years and recently expanded their services. Native Clans Caskets builds a quality product by hand and uses Native-inspired design in their works. Tribal members have embraced both the casket and funeral home businesses.
Comment:  Visit and select your casket now! Beautiful urns available too!

I guess this is better than being buried in a Cleveland Indians-themed casket with Chief Wahoo. But being buried in a plain box or a shroud or being cremated is even better.

Below:  "Economy Models: These have the same interior features as the best models, but without the price. If you have a budget to follow, these are excellent choices.

"Beautiful mahogany finish on solid wood with wood hand rails and a flat top.

"Shown with tan/multi condensed woolen pattern.

"Price $1,850.00."


n said...
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RAIDINEH said...

Unfortunatly i have some dealings into this industry, but there is another native owned maker of caskets with native cultural sensitive theme artwork. I highly recommend them and they ship pretty much anywhere.