November 18, 2009

Global Gaming Expo 2009 (Day 3)

Continuing my report begun in Global Gaming Expo 2009 (Day 1) and Global Gaming Expo 2009 (Day 2):

Not much to report today. After a day of rich food (chocolate candy, chicken parmesan), hard work, and little sleep, I felt a bit queasy when I woke up. I hoped it would go away, but I'd experienced this feeling before. I didn't think it would go away until I heaved up whatever was in my stomach.

So I stayed in bed all day, missing a CityCenter tour and the trade show. I did throw up a few times--once when the maid was present, embarrassingly. Since I hadn't eaten since 8:00 the previous evening, only clear fluid came up.

Victor covered the trade show for us. He came back early to work, then went to dinner with the Daily Gaming Writers, an annual event. I'm known for how much I ate at these dinners, but it wasn't to be this year.

Victor returned with two writers--Bill Spain of MarketWatch and Andrew Gellatly of Gambling Compliance--so I got to say hello. By then I had slept three hours in the morning and three in the evening. I was feeling well enough to go downstairs and take some pictures of the MGM Grand at night.

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