November 15, 2009

Quileutes visit LA for New Moon

Quileutes in Hollywood for 'Twilight' premiere

By Jonathan Martin[O]n Sunday, Taegan and a group of Quileutes basked in the white-hot glow of the "Twilight" phenomenon, snapping photos as they visited with fans in line for the Los Angeles premiere and mingled with one of the actors.

Today, the group from LaPush will be whisked to the premiere in a stretch limousine, and they have been invited to an exclusive after-party.

As members of a tribe that plays a starring role in the series, Taegan and her friend, Page Foster, 13, were instant celebrities simply by wearing Quileute sweatshirts. Fans asked about their tribe and the legend that is source material for the series.

"We're just walking through the 'Twilight' line, and they make us feel like celebrities," Tony Foster, a tribal-council member and Page's father, said of the fans. "The people are lined up to take pictures with true Quileutes."
Comment:  As I've said several times, the Twilight movies probably will be most youngsters' biggest exposure to Indians for the foreseeable future. That's why it's important to cast Native actors and to represent the Quileute culture well.

For more on the subject, see Quileute Werewolves in Twilight.

Below:  Alleged Native Tinsel Korey with Quileute Indian fans.


dmarks said...

""The people are lined up to take pictures with true Quileutes."

And surely some fans will ask that they change into wolves so they can capture it on their cell phone cameras.

RE: Alleged Native said...

"TINSEL KOREY. The enigmatic Canadian musician, who has been acting since 2004, has refused to release her birth certificate to verify her age or her heritage, which is speculated to be Indian or Native Canadian Aboriginal. ... Tinsel is putting the finishing touches to her debut album."

OK! (Magazine) November 23, 2009 Issue 181 pg 44.

m. said...

Thank you, anonymous. Seriously.
Whoever you are and whether or not you made that page, you DID make that comment, which in turn makes it easier for Native folks who've interacted with her, read through her lies, seen it in her face, could just tell. When people refuse to believe or listen to actual Ojibwe (as well as Mohawk, Cree, Hopi, Dine'...) about this sort of thing, they marginalize us even more.

Making up a background is weird, but doing it for your own gain or to "slum it" with oppressed people is gross. It's insulting enough that 'Tinsel Korey' viewed Native America as one big cultural salad bar, but, you know, the Twilight saga is a FRANCHISE and it would have been nice for a Native woman to get some exposure for once. (WTF; it's 2009 and we're still invisible?)

She has clearly dug herself a hole so deep and is dealing with this in such a cowardly, unprofessional manner, she will most likely attempt to detract/derail from the issue with either a statement referencing her various "activisms" or "beliefs" (as if that excuses it), or something else just as flippant.

On a positive note, that link is some serious vindication. If those in denial refuse to believe it now, then they are either drowning in stupidity or straight up DGAF about Native people.