November 13, 2009

Reactions to Beck's stupidity

Apparently Glenn Beck wasn't the only right-wing idiot questioning Obama's closing remarks at the tribal summit:

Questioning a ‘commander-in-chief’ for focusing on Indians

By Rob CapricciosoAlmost immediately after the president’s close, some cable commentators questioned his “commander-in-chief” status. They said they thought it was strange to see him address tribes when a more important event--in their minds--should have been capturing his attention.

Soon, negative articles were written about the president’s speech, and some said he should have canceled the tribal nations’ summit altogether after the Fort Hood tragedy took place.

The Drudge Report, a popular conservative-leaning news aggregator, eventually linked to the articles, and the topic soon gained more steam.

The day after the conference, NPR interviewed one of Obama’s top campaign advisers, David Plouffe, about a new book he had written. The president’s balancing of the tribal conference with the shooting eventually became a topic of discussion.

Said NPR host Michel Martin: “[T]here [was] some talk about that because the cable networks went to his comments immediately, and wondered, and it was a little bit awkward. And it kind of made some people wonder whether he’s really moved into the presidential space, whether he’s really taken on the role of the President of the United States, commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, the leader of the free world. What do you think?”
And:Many in Indian country also did not have tolerance for the questioning of Obama’s handling of the situation, but not for the exact same reasons Plouffe mentioned.

Some said the commentators who questioned Obama were discounting that he was acting as a strong commander-in-chief by respecting and fulfilling his promise to hundreds of tribal sovereign nations--a role so many presidents before him have ignored.

“The reaction of those commentators tells me that they just don’t get it,” said Chris Stearns, a former senior official in the Clinton administration and current Seattle Human Rights commissioner.

“The idea that the president should just drop American Indians from his agenda and close the door on us is the exact opposite of where he is coming from,” added the Navajo Nation citizen.

“I think the president did a fantastic job of balancing his duties as the rightful lead in government-to-government discussions with his duties as commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces.”
Comment:  So Obama appears for a couple minutes before almost hundreds of tribal leaders--many of them heads of state just like him. He expresses his regrets for the Ft. Hood tragedy and leaves. And that's supposed to show he's not fully vested in his role as commander-in-chief?!

How pathetically stupid can you get? When it comes to the scary black president, it's clear these brain-dead wingnuts will criticize absolutely anything. They don't care about the facts or evidence; all they care is hounding Obama out of office. I.e., getting rid of the Muslim Nazi socialist and restoring their imagined loss of white privilege.

It goes without saying that this right-wing reaction shows the conservatives' contempt for Indian nations. As far as they're concerned, Obama was just meeting with another special-interest group. To them, a tribal summit is no different from, say, an NAACP meeting. They think both groups are doing nothing but pleading for "reparations" and other government "handouts."

For more on the subject, see Indians as Welfare Recipients and Decoding the Teabagger Code.


D said...

There are no words....

dmarks said...

As far as I was concerned, Obama did his post-shooring job with the speech at the memorial, which was a pretty good one.