November 27, 2009

Praise for my stereotype presentation

An e-mail received by Richard Regan, the person who invited me to speak at the USDA on Native stereotypes:Richard--

Just a note to express a job well done with the presentation of Feathers and Leathers for Alaska Native and American Indian Heritage Month.

The choice of topic was 'spot on' this year and the communications advertising the event were well done also.

I attended with a group of individuals from the Forest Service, many of them Native Americans, and the response was the same.

Again well done and thanks for the time and energy you invested in the program.

Ken Kessler
U. S. Forest Service
Office of Tribal Relations
Comment:  As I think I said, Regan did a great job of promoting this event. The USDA had signs for it everywhere. I don't think any USDA employee can claim he or she didn't hear about it.

For more on the subject, see Video of My Stereotype Presentation and Pix of My 2009 Washington DC Trip.


Rob said...

A comment received via e-mail:

The best possible reaction you could have hoped for!


Rob said...

Mom says:

Bravo for your presentation! I just finished watching the whole program, and you were very professional--and the slides were interesting. Hard to believe you were nervous. It certainly didn't show. Great job!