January 07, 2010

IN/SIGHT 2010 at Chelsea Art Museum

Chelsea Art Museum Presents Group Show of Contemporary Art by American Indian ArtistsUNRESERVED Alliance is pleased to announce "IN/SIGHT 2010," an exhibition of art by American Indian artists, curated by Clarissa Dalrymple and UNRESERVED co-founder Michael Chapman. The exhibition is a survey of work by both emerging and established artists working in various media. Twenty-four artists spanning several generations are represented in the show. "IN/SIGHT" will be on view at the Chelsea Art Museum from January 14 through February 13.

The work ranges across the entire spectrum of contemporary practice from painting and photography to sculpture, video and mixed media installation. Superficially it might resemble any broad ranging survey of contemporary artists, except that there is a subtle pervasion of sensibility and spirit unique to the American Indian experience that lends the work rich additional dimensions of iconography, mythology, historical reference and skill traditions--dimensions that surprise and delight again and again. This cultural resonance notwithstanding, these are contemporary artists in the fullest and most universal sense. Chapman says, "'With IN/SIGHT 2010', we are trying to make sure that the talented, lively and relevant American Indian voices are part of the contemporary art dynamic here in the U. S. art capital."
Below:  Exploding Star (1999) by Gail Tremblay. This is reminiscent of Indian swastikas or petroglyphs representing the sun or stars.

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