January 07, 2010

The Road Forward at 2010 Olympics

The Road Forward

Written & Directed by Marie ClementsStep inside a life-sized Aboriginal snow globe filled with the voice and visions of Aboriginal living history. This nine-minute multi-media experience embodies the stand up reality of our Aboriginal mothers and fathers and the movement they began on the road forward.

Inspired by the lives of our Aboriginal relatives, captured by street photographer Foncie Pulice on the downtown streets of Vancouver, The Road Forward, galvanizes the political and social movement of British Columbia’s First Nations history and the rights fought by Aboriginal leaders that forged a movement where no one will be left behind.

On the closing night of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, experience some of the finest First Nations performers in an innovative Indigenous musical epic filled with images and voices raised in song and hope. This nine-minute theatrical and filmic experience connects our tumultuous past with the rising vision of The Road Forward.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Native Participation in 2010 Olympics and Native Documentaries and News.

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