February 22, 2010

The Rainbow Boy trailer

The Rainbow Boy Movie"An independent cinematic vision of ancient and modern history, language, and prophecy"

Norman Patrick Brown's first audience is his elders and Navajo people. The foundation of Norman's writing and directing is his ancient Navajo storytelling process, inherent in chants, ceremony, philosophy, and language. The Rainbow Boy story combines the ancient Navajo story telling process with the modern film industry formula, producing a unique and original film that is both Navajo specific and universal to all people.

Comment:  Apparently a pre-contact Navajo is magically transported to the present. As when cavemen came to the future in It's About Time and Iceman, a clash of cultures ensues. It sounds like a commercially viable idea.

Alas, I can't tell if the movie is any good from the trailer. But the Indian--presumably named Rainbow Boy--looks generic. And the Navajo didn't arrive in the Southwest until a couple centuries after AD 1300.

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Anonymous said...

Some estimates put the arrival of the Navajo at 1200-1500 CE, so 1300 is plausible. That is, of course, discounting the Navajo origin story of emergence from the underworld.